Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Celebs-Jon and Kate Plus Eight

It's Girl Anonymous.
Today I want to talk about Jon and Kate plus eight. I think it is terrible for all those little kids to grow up under cameras. There is nothing wrong with video taping you child's birthdays, or first steps or graduation,but filming their lives 24/7 is terrible. Imagine, when you just wan t to be alone, you can, but you have to be alone with a whole camera crew. That is no way to let a child live their life. Also, what was Jon thinking? Cheating on his wife, and then splattering his face all over magazines. It's not fair to Kate or his children!
That's all for now,

Monday, August 31, 2009

Introduction to my blog!!!

I'm girl anonymous. I would just like to explain about my blog. My blog will be divided into sections, there will be:
-TV: My thoughts about the shows I like and dislike, plus what I think about whats on TV.
-Movies:My thoughts Movies I seen, movies I like or dislike and just other stuff about movies.
-Music: The music I'm into, the music I'm not into and anything important about music.
-Books: Books I'm reading, popular books or anything related to books!
-Celebs: Stuff about the celebs I like, celebs I dislike and what I think about what is going on.
-Fashion: What fashion I'm into, what I think popular and what I think is just gross.
-Food: My thoughts on food I've made, tasted,love or hate!
-Internet: Stuff about facebook, youtube, twitter and all that jazz.
-Zone out: Just stuff about anything with no specific category.

So, that's what my blog will be about! One thing I'm going to try really hard on is keeping this anonymous. All you know is that I'm a girl who wants people to hear her word!!!

BTW, comment if you read this cuz' I wanna know if I'm writing messages to no one!

Also, if I spell something wrong or have bad grammar, it's only because I type fast and mess up a lot! So sorry, if it bugs you!!